Seven (7) months after resigning from his job as a high school principal, with the goal of reaching Jamaica with the gospel, Daniel wisdom came upon a copy of Dr Bill bright book “Revolution now”.  After reading it, he found Dr Bright’s vision to be compatible with his and sought for a way to contact him. He did, and the result was the founding of the CCC Ministry in Jamaica in 1979, after a short training period for Daniel in Santo Domingo.

At present, the staff team in Jamaica is comprised of Daniel and his wife, Lilla, as well as Tony Brown and his wife Angela. 

The first NLTC was held in Mandeville, Jamaica in 1989. Also in 1989, the Wisdoms transferred to the Great Commission Training Center (GCTC) in Miami for 10 months. During this period, Dr Bright and a group of CCC professionals and investors visited Jamaica, resulting in the mayor of Montego Bay and 15 other city officials coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The ministry headquarters has recently been relocated from Mandeville to Montego Bay. Since being there, they have contacted over 300 people and more than 100 have prayed to receive Christ into their lives.